We understand your needs vary, that’s why we adjust ourselves accordingly:

About You

Brand Owners

Whether you have an established brand or you are looking to launch a new one, we provide comprehensive strategies for selecting, protecting and enforcing your brand, including by way of trade mark protection and accompanying intellectual property rights.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary advice on the registrability of proposed trade marks;
  • Conducting trade mark clearance searches to ensure there is no risk of infringement;
  • Preparation and lodgement of local and international trade mark applications;
  • Devising strategies for difficult-to-register trade marks;
  • Portfolio management, including ongoing monitoring and surveillance.

We also advise on surrounding intellectual property rights, including copyright, designs, fashion and anti-counterfeiting programmes.

Branding Agencies

By combining your creative marketing expertise with our legal knowledge, we can help you develop powerful legally protectable brands by ensuring key considerations are borne in mind from the very beginning.

We can assist through the provision of:

  • Preliminary advice on the registrability of new brands;
  • Trade mark clearance searches;
  • Development of brand usage policies and guidelines;
  • Seminars and consultancy.

Our approach encourages collaboration with the view to obtaining the best possible results.

Overseas Agents

We value our network of overseas associates and we aim to provide local expertise specifically tailored to your needs. We can assist by providing:

  • A local Australian or New Zealand address for service;
  • Preparation and lodgement of Australian or New Zealand trade mark and/or design applications;
  • Prosecuting applications through to registration, including preparing and filing responses to Examination Reports/Provisional Refusals;
  • Representation in Australian or New Zealand trade mark oppositions and IP disputes;
  • Anti-counterfeiting programmes and brand protection training;
  • Advice in all other areas of intellectual property, including copyright and domain names.

Generalist Law Firms

If you’ve got an intellectual property matter that needs to be handled, but recognise you’re not an intellectual property specialist, we’ve got the knowledge to fill the void. We’re willing to assist in either a client facing capacity or behind the scenes.