Marquette is a contemporary IP firm with a passion for identifying, protecting and maximising its clients' intellectual property assets.

“What’s genericide? I’ll google it.”

Escalator. Ugg. Aspirin. Zippers. These words were once trade marks that belonged to brands, but have since forfeited their trade mark protection by becoming generic terms. How? They became so popular that they developed into generalised descriptors of the idea they were selling, inadvertently undermining their brands’ distinctiveness. This situation often arises when competitors attempt […]

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What’s in a trade mark?

The key asset of any business is its brand. A business’ identity is inextricably linked to its brand, which serves to distinguish it from its competitors in the market. Consumers identify with a certain quality, reputation or image of that brand and recognise it as pointing to the goods and/or services of the brand owner. […]

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Marquette is a boutique IP firm with a passion for identifying, protecting and enforcing our client’s intellectual property rights.

We practise exclusively in the field of intellectual property law and specialise in delivering tailored advice to the creative sector, including advice on trade marks, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, copyright, designs, fashion, advertising and marketing law, together with intellectual property disputes and commercialisation. We’re slightly different to the rest. We understand brand development because we’ve […]

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IP Considerations For Creative Agencies

Everyday individuals within creative agencies develop IP for clients and projects. This includes the development of brands or trade marks, as well as copyright subsisting in artist works such as visual elements, digital design and code. Frequently, creative agencies also deal with the IP of others, through the licensing of stock imagery and/or incorporation of […]

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