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Trade Mark Law 101 @ General Assembly

Free class: 'why' and 'how' to seek trade mark protection

Your business’ identity and reputation are inextricably linked to your brand, which serves to distinguish you from competitors in the market. Yet creating a strong long-term brand requires much more than simply creative development.

This class will explore the instrumental impact your brand can have on the long-term success of your businesses. Topics covered include:

  • an explanation of the intellectual property and commercial laws relevant to brand development
  • key considerations impacting the security of brands
  • the importance of brand strategy in the maintenance of brand reputation
  • and leveraging a brand as a commercial asset

It will also include a general outline of 'why' and 'how' to seek trade mark protection.

This class will be of great benefit to those who are in the earlier stages of developing a brand or setting up a small business, including startups, but would also be of significant use to existing small business owners.


Students will learn:

  • Key considerations when selecting a brand name to adopt
  • Benefits of obtaining Trade Mark Clearance
  • Benefits of seeking registration of your brand as a TM
  • Securing your business investment by getting it right and “what not to do”

When: Tuesday, 31 January

Where: General Assembly Melbourne, 12A, 45 William Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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