Q&A start-up panel session at fabl

We are proud to be collaborating with our client, fabl, for a panel session to discuss the ‘4 crucial elements needed to create a successful start-up’. Fabl is a business community and societal impact incubator with the focus of propelling start-ups forward. As a board member of fabl and Founder of Marquette Intellectual Property, Sarah Poole will be presenting on the panel along with 3 other speakers, covering the 4 crucial elements to ensuring your start up will successfully grow and scale, including Intellectual Property, Brand Strategy, Financial Performance and the technology you use.

When: 6.00pm – 8.00pm on Thursday 12 October 2017

Where: fabl, 18-20 Mount Street, Prahran, VIC 3181

Tickets: Free! Click here to register.