World Intellectual Property Day

On 26 April every year, the world celebrates intellectual property rights by recognising and promoting awareness about the role of innovation.

Every day, individuals are channeling their thought processes into creative expression or research and development. The fruit of their labour is protected by IP rights vested in patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets and designs – just to name a few.

While intangible in nature, these IP Rights go to the very heart of entrepreneurialism, challenge and disruption by identifying achievements and protecting them. They also act to distinguish businesses in the marketplace and provide a level of ‘edge’. With these advancements and reinventions of technology, we are propelled into a more dynamic and socially cohesive community. We grow as individuals and as a collective society – and who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the curve?

That’s why today on World Intellectual Property Day, Marquette IP will be toasting the inspiration that this industry brings to both us and our clients. Let’s reflect on the progress that the brilliance and ingenuity underpinning IP has contributed to date, and discover the power that future IP can have on your 2018 and beyond.

For more information on the potential benefits that IP Rights may have for you, and how they may be leveraged to facilitate the growth of your business, please contact us.