Developing Legally Protectable Brands

The key asset of any business is its brand. A distinctive and memorable brand can be the making of a business’s success and increase the value of its assets. Creating a strong, legally protectable brand is therefore a crucial investment for any business.

Yet this is not always an easy feat, with many important legal considerations to be borne in mind at the outset of a brand journey. This is particularly the case when a single brand name needs to be selected which is available for use and registration in multiple international markets.

We specialise in safeguarding legally protectable brands, offering brand clearance and naming consultancy on a local and international level. Positioned globally, Marquette IP has the ability to search on the viability of brands in 150 countries and also offers a number of useful selection tools for the development of global brands.

By combining your brand development expertise with our legal knowledge, you’ll have the tools to develop powerful, legally protectable brands and ensure future considerations are borne in mind from the very beginning.

Whether your client is creating a new brand, refining their brand identity or seeking to re-brand, we provide the necessary due diligence and consultancy to ensure what’s ultimately selected is free of issue and capable of being exclusively secured. We can assist through provision of:

  • Preliminary advice on the registrability of new brands or ‘short-lists’
  • Trade mark and availability reports – local and international
  • Concept vetting and project consultancy
  • Development of brand usage policies and guidelines, from a legal perspective
  • Internal training to educate your staff on the common ‘pitfalls’ of naming and how they may be avoided

We’ll be holding Brand Clearance sessions at our city offices (see our company Eventbrite page for dates). These sessions are relevant to graphic designers and creative agencies and will cover what to bear in mind when assisting clients with brand name selection. Light refreshments will be provided.

Tuesday 9 October, 2018
Thursday 11 October, 2018


6:00pm – 7:00pm

Marquette IP
Level 2, 161 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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