World Intellectual Property Day 2019

A Day to Celebrate the Property of the Mind

Today, 26 April, is World Intellectual Property Day: a time to appreciate the significance of intellectual property around the world.

IP has many forms: it is what designers, artists and musicians create when they do what they love. It’s what innovators forge when they invent. It’s what businesses establish when they build unique brands and develop novel concepts.

Intellectual property is an intangible treasure that not only breeds originality and allows people to enjoy the ingenuity of others: it is also the commercial fabric upon which businesses thrive.

Today we reflect on the enormous value that IP brings to global economies. That value deserves to be guarded. The systems in place to protect IP encourage creativity and innovation and empower us to leverage our intellect. We’re a more productive, competitive and brilliant society when our intellectual property rights are valued and protected.

Whether you’re a business owner, you develop brands, or you’re in the business of legally protecting the IP of others: we hope you take a moment with us today to recognise the crucial importance of safeguarding IP around the world.

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Cover image by Bogdan Karlenko via Unsplash