Mojo’s Iconic Australian Ad Campaigns are Valuable IP

You Oughta Be Congratulated
C’mon Aussie C’mon
How Do You Feel?

We’re sure you can hear the tunes to these advertising campaigns when reading those phrases. But do you know who created these iconic Australian ads?

This week ABC aired a new documentary about the creatives, Alan ‘Mo’ Morris and Allan ‘Jo’ Johnston, the pair behind these iconic 70s and 80s Australian ads.

‘How Australia Gots Its Mojo’ is a behind-the-scenes look into how these campaigns were created, became successes and subsequently embedded into Australian popular culture.

The Mojo campaigns were both advertising and commercial successes; generating revenue and market share for the brands involved and also highly valuable pieces of intellectual property. The value of these campaigns as intangible assets would have no doubt been leverageable and valuable to the brands long after the ads aired.

What’s special about these ad campaigns is that they are uniquely Australian and a time capsule of Australia in the 70s and 80s.

Head to ABC iView to watch the documentary.