Brand Development Consultancy

If you’re a branding professional or creative agency tasked with developing brands, you’ll be well aware that the key asset for any business is its brand. Not only is it important to develop meaningful brands that your clients can fall in love with, it’s also crucial that these brands are brought to life only after legal implications have been considered.

By combining your brand development expertise with our legal knowledge, we can help you create powerful, legally protectable brands, ensuring that key legal considerations are borne in mind from the very beginning.

Whether your client is launching a new brand, rolling out a new campaign, or looking to rebrand, we provide the necessary advice to ensure what’s settled upon is free of issue and capable of being exclusively secured as an asset of their business.

Our brand agency consulting services include:

  • Preliminary advice on the registrability of proposed brand names;
  • Trade mark searching and clearance reports – local and international;
  • Concept vetting and advice on ‘designing away’ from foreseen issues;
  • Development of brand usage policies and guidelines (from a legal perspective);
  • Complimentary workshops & IP training sessions that aim to better equip agency personnel with legal knowledge.

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