Copyright, Software & Tech Law

Copyright is one of the oldest intellectual property rights, which has been successfully adapted to protect today’s cutting-edge technology and art. Whether you are a software or app developer, artist, graphic designer or writer, an understanding of copyright is vital to protecting and commercialising your key assets.

We can help you navigate the ‘dos and don’ts’ of copyright usage, minimise infringement risks and maximise ownership through commercial tools.

Marquette IP’s copyright services include:

  • Advice on ownership of the copyright in works created for use in connection with your business including brochures, logos, advertising copy, websites and photography;
  • Aiding the transfer of ownership of copyright works created by independent contractors or coders through assignment documentation;
  • Infringement advice and enforcement through copyright infringement proceedings;
  • Advice on maximising copyright protection and awareness through Copyright Notices;
  • Copyright Use guidelines, copyright permissions processes and copyright licenses;
  • Advice and agreements for the development, commercialisation and licensing of software and apps;
  • Website development agreements and IT service agreements;
  • Commercialisation and licensing of technology code.

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