Design Registrations & Industrial Designs

Got a visual commodity? Register it to protect its value.

A registered design can be a valuable commercial asset, preventing others from commercially exploiting the features of the design that make up its visual appearance – including shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation. A registered design provides you with the exclusive right to exploit that design in the marketplace, in respect of the product category in which it is registered, for up to 10 years.

Whether you’re a product manufacturer or you’ve got a visually distinctive packaging design, we can guide you through protecting, leveraging and enforcing your unique design, locally and internationally.

Marquette IP’s registered design services include:

  • Advice on the appropriateness and possibility of registered design protection both locally and internationally;
  • Conducting design searches and providing freedom to operate opinions;
  • Filing design applications in Australia, New Zealand and internationally;
  • Assessments of infringement and validity of design registrations;
  • Enforcement actions and representation in design disputes; and
  • Advice on the copyright and design overlap provisions.

Contact us for more information on our registered design services.