A patent protects the concept behind your idea as long as it’s new, useful, and demonstrates an inventive step. If successfully registered, a patent affords you exclusive rights to exploit the invention for the lifetime of the patent – usually up to 20 years.

If you’ve got an idea worthy of protection, we can assist with patentability advice regarding your invention and pre-filing ‘prior art’ base searches in Australia and internationally. We’re also here to assist you to file and prosecute your patent application locally and all around the globe, including advising on infringement and or enforcement issues where required or providing representation in patent disputes.

Marquette IP’s patent services include:

  • Initial advice on the patentability of your invention;
  • Pre-filing ‘prior art’ base searches in Australia, New Zealand and internationally;
  • Preparation of Australian, New Zealand, and international patent applications;
  • Prosecution of patent applications from filing through to grant, including addressing any objections raised by IP Offices both in Australia, New Zealand and internationally;
  • Representation in patent opposition proceedings and disputes;
  • Portfolio management, including ongoing monitoring and surveillance; and
  • Advice on infringement and enforcement of patent rights.

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