IP Consultancy

We love getting to know our clients’ businesses and working closely with them to achieve their goals. We develop IP savvy internal practices to help them maximise the early protection of their IP rights and minimise risks. As a result, our clients can focus their R&D investment on protectable and valuable IP assets, and avoid the costly consequences of IP infringements.

Marquette IP’s management consultancy services include:

  • Due diligence to understand your R&D and creative processes;
  • Development of customised IP Management Plans;
  • IP training; and
  • IP documentation and templates.

Our team also has deep experience as ‘in-house’ IP and IT advisers to government, international NGOs, public and private companies. We can provide necessary ‘in-house’ support for internal corporate legal counsel where specialist IP assistance is required to:

  • Manage major IP litigation (including assisting with evidence, discovery and corporate knowledge);
  • Manage IP disclosure and issues in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions;
  • Manage privacy breaches or cybersecurity incidents; or
  • Cover absences of internal staff.

We also work closely with local and international legal practitioners who require specialist IP and IT support.

Contact us to adopt savvier IP practices in your business.