Tech Structuring & Commercialisation

Technology drives innovation, bringing to life a new stream of products and services that will continue to revolutionise the way we operate. Without effective intellectual property strategies, however, cutting-edge technology may never reach the market or achieve the success it deserves.

If you are manufacturing electronics, creating software, developing code and other digital assets and IT services, we understand that IP will be a very important asset in your business. Whether it’s by seeking patent and trade mark protection, advising on copyright, or drafting commercial agreements to deal with IP rights and confidential information, we can provide practical guidance to ensure that your IP is secure. This will mean you are well positioned to enjoy the benefits of commercial exploitation with a solid IP strategy.

We work collaboratively with our tech clients to resolve IP challenges confronting their business. Always considering the big picture, we outline options for obtaining adequate security in Australia and internationally, to protect their sensitive IP which is at the core of their business and operations.

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