IP Watching & Intelligence

Intellectual property is a valuable commodity worth protecting. That’s why it’s important to keep a careful eye on the marketplace and the activity of your competitors.

At Marquette IP, we understand the importance of maintaining your edge and we offer a number of watching and intelligence gathering services directed at your IP rights, as well as the IP rights of your direct competitors. Our investigation services utilise a network of experienced private investigators, who aid us in pursuing retailers of counterfeit products, as well as wholesalers and online traders.

Marquette’s IP watching and intelligence services include:

  • Local and international IP right and domain name watching services;
  • Local and international IP owner watching services;
  • TLD and GTLD domain name watching services;
  • Content, social media, and online platform watching; and
  • On-ground investigations.

Contact us for more information on our IP watching and intelligence services.