Privacy & Compliance

The advances in technology which have created our modern business environment have also facilitated the collection, use and dissemination of large volumes of personal and sensitive information.

Privacy laws have advanced dramatically in the last decade in Australia and overseas. Strong privacy laws protect us as individuals but have also created a minefield of increasingly complex compliance issues for businesses.

Few businesses appreciate that privacy compliance is more than just having a Privacy Policy. It is critical to implement compliant practices in your business, especially as privacy laws will only continue to tighten in the future.

Marquette IP’s privacy and compliance law services include:

  • Privacy audits to identify the flow or personal information and compliance risks;
  • Privacy compliance planning and implementation, including preparation and drafting of appropriate Privacy Policies;
  • Designing compliant practices and protocols, including Privacy Training;
  • Advice on and implementation of Collection Notices;
  • Data Breach Response Plans; and
  • Contract reviews of IT service providers.

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