One of the biggest fall-outs of cybersecurity is reputational damage. Cybersecurity awareness and risk mitigation have become increasingly critical for businesses. Reports of data breaches, hacking incidents, Ransomware attacks and phishing fraud are now commonplace. No business, large or small, is immune to the risk.

We understand that cybersecurity management isn’t just about having secure IT practices. Key vulnerabilities arise from human error and inadequate internal business practices. We can help risk manage your business environment and reduce exposure with contractual protections.

We also prepare Incident Response Plans so you are ready to act decisively and quickly if you do experience a cybersecurity incident. This is the best way to mitigate any reputational damage.

Marquette IP’s cybersecurity law services include:

  • Undertaking audits to identify cybersecurity risks;
  • Creating strategies and implementing protocols to manage risks, including training of staff;
  • Contractual reviews and cybersecurity insurance assessment;
  • Developing Incident Response Plans;
  • Governance and reporting on cybersecurity issues.

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