Corporate & Commercial

We provide specialist advice on intellectual property issues relevant to mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and major IP projects. We identify IP rights critical to the business, analyse encumbrances, advise on valuation and anticipate IP issues to be addressed.

Our IP management experience is valuable to businesses at any stage of development – from initially helping to develop IP savvy internal practices or designing comprehensive IP asset registers and databases, to managing major IP commercialisation projects.

Boards are increasingly aware of intangible business risks. We can help you develop appropriate governance around management of IP, privacy compliance and cybersecurity risks.

Marquette IP’s corporate & commercial services include:

  • IP transaction due diligence, including the design of IP databases;
  • IP asset and encumbrance registers;
  • Training and internal development of IP management practices;
  • IP assignments, Sale of Business documentation, joint-venture agreements; and
  • Protocols for best governance practice for intangible risk management.

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