Manufacturing & Product Labelling

An attractive appearance isn’t the only important feature of a product label. In Australia, all manufactured and labelled products must comply with strict mandatory standards and requirements: designed to prevent any false, misleading or deceptive claims and maintain industry standards.

IP law must also be considered to ensure product packaging and labelling is legally protectable and enforceable in Australia and internationally.

We can assist you to ensure compliance by providing advice on country of origin labelling and specific product labelling laws.

Marquette IP’s manufacturing and product labelling services include:

  • Advice on country of origin labelling, weights, percentages and measurements laws;
  • Specific product labelling laws regarding food, cosmetics, clothing (including organic claims), therapeutic goods, cigarettes and electrical goods;
  • Product-specific liability issues including safety requirements, warnings and ingredient listings;
  • Advice on environmental or ‘green’ claims; and
  • Price reduction claims and GMO labelling.

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